Delta and USAiR deposits on Bulk/Published Fares!!!!!!!

reduced deposit policy on two new carriers – Delta and US Airways!  Your clients can lock in their vacations with as little as $150 down.  When you add this to the other carriers with already low deposits, you will see that this is the BEST deposit policy in the industry!

This is great news…many people have asked me about making deposits on domestic published fares! Delta & USAiR this is great news for clients! Let’s see if this can help the couples, honeymooner’s, group travelers, travel-like-a-travel-agent-travelers,

Bulk/Published Fares

  • NEW! Delta Air Lines – $150 per person*
  • NEW! US Airways – $150 per person*
  • American Airlines – $150 per person*
  • AirTran Airways – $200 per person*
  • Alaska Airways – $150 per person*
  • Frontier Airlines – $200 per person* (only to Mexico)
  • United Airlines – $150 per person* (only from IAH, SAT, AUS, TUL, and OKC)
  • Other Carriers:  Bulk – $200 per person;  Published – full air portion

Charter/Value Flights and Hotel Only

  • Only $50 per person*

*Valid for bookings made 45+ days prior to departure. Europe deposit is $300 per person. Published/contracted hotels may require additional deposit at time of booking. Deposit requirements may vary during airline fare sales. Policy is subject to change with/without notice. 

Send travel requests to


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