United Airlines Polaris Business Class


TBK had the luxury of learning all about United Airlines airlines Polaris Business Class! As a travel agent we know this is a game changer for United. We have so many consumers that only want to travel overseas on two class carrier flights! We were so thrilled to get to learn how these seats lay 100 percent flat, with the moving flexiblity to position the seating however you prefer. These seats are patented for the next five years, so no other carrier has these seats. There is 23 inches of cabinet space, so if you are 6′ 6″ you will fit. If you are traveling over 12 hours you get pajamas and everyone gets slippers. United pulled out all the stops with making this a superior class of service. The Cow Shed products and bedding from Sax Fifth Avenue are excellent additions to help you relax. Complimentary customized head phones available at your request.

For those discrimating clients that want to be secluded to a unique private luxury, I would suggest United Polaris business class, just so they can go into the Polaris Lounge, which within itself is just a jewel. You can relax, shower, eat and order your food for your flight! No one can buy their way in, they must be a ticketed Polaris business class passenger to enter the lounge.

The Polaris amenities will all roll out in December along with the opening of the first Polaris lounge. And flights are scheduled to start up in January of 2017! We look forward to putting passengers on these flights and way to go United for stepping up your business class.


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